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Webinars and events – August 2021

August 13, 2021

Register for our upcoming webinars and live events with experts for back-to-school. Sign up your 7-15-year-old child for the fall session of Allergy Pals/Allies online mentorship program. Participate in an upcoming small group webinar on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. Learn about our support groups and connect with one virtually. Plus, watch our COVID-19 vaccines encore presentation series and get your questions answered on the COVID-19 vaccines and the impacts to those with food allergy – including for children and youth.

Register for our upcoming webinars and live events!

Dr. Rebecca Knibb
Dr. Rebecca Knibb

August 24th at 12pm EDT: Supporting successful transitions into self-management of food allergy: pre-teen to young adult with Dr. Rebecca Knibb

Leading UK psychologist Dr. Rebecca Knibb will discuss how to support the transition to self-management of food allergy.

Gain a better understanding of the mental health aspects that youth may experience on the path to independence and learn practical strategies on how to successfully manage these transitions. Don’t miss out!

September 28th at 12pm EDT: Understand the severity of your food allergy with Dr. Philippe Bégin 

Dr. Philippe Begin M.D.
Dr. Philippe Begin.

Learn about what makes your food allergy severe. In this session, Dr. Philippe Bégin will introduce the concept of thresholds (the lowest amount of a food allergen that can trigger a reaction), discuss how co-factors and other mechanisms/therapies can lower the threshold at which one reacts, and explore how they all relate to understanding the potential severity of food allergy and why for some it is not as severe and only mildly uncomfortable, while with others it can be life-threatening. Don’t miss out, register now!

Instagram Live sessions: Featuring Kyle Dine and Food Allergy Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel

Join Kyle Dine, food allergy educator and leader of our youth programming, on our Instagram Live as he chats with members of our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) about their experiences managing food allergy in middle school and high school. Questions will be answered live during the session.


August 18th at 1pm EDT: Attending virtual middle school with food allergy

Lucille will talk about attending middle school virtually with food allergy.


August 25th at 1pm EDT: Going to high school with food allergy

Benjamin will share his experience going to high school with food allergy.

Follow us on Instagram @food_allergy_canada to get notified when we go live!

For kids: Allergy Pals/Allies online mentorship program – begins September 25th!

Register your 7-to-15-year-old today for the fall session of Allergy Pals/Allies. The free, 8-week online session will run from September 25 to November 13, 2021.

These online sessions are fun, engaging and have received outstanding feedback from previous participants. Learn more about the benefits of this program in the video below and register your child today. Spots fill up quickly!

Get an overview of the program – learn how the program works, the program expectations, time commitment and other information:

Learn how this program impacted 11-year-old Benjamin’s life and what he’s learned about living with food allergy: 

Small group webinar: Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis

Group video call on laptop

Do you care for a child with food allergy? Attend one of our free 90-minute interactive small group webinars led by a trained parent mentor. You’ll learn fundamental information about daily management and living confidently with food allergy and anaphylaxis, while connecting with others in our community who can relate!

These sessions are for parents of children who have been recently diagnosed with food allergy. It’s also a great session for others who are interested in this topic, or would like a refresher.

Following the session, you’ll be able to answer:

  • What are food allergy and anaphylaxis
  • How to avoid a reaction
  • What are the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • What to do in an emergency

Sessions fill up quickly because of the limited capacity, be sure to register now to save your spot. Our next session is Wednesday, August 18th and Tuesday, August 24th.

If you have already attended one of these webinars, please let others know so they can also benefit. Please share!

Learn about our support groups across Canada and connect with one virtually!

Support groups provide valuable information on how other families are successfully living with food allergy. Plus, they are an excellent way to stay updated on any new developments in the food allergy community, and to connect with others near you. Check out the support group meeting happening this month!


Pam with her three children, Nolan, Brooklyn and Ethan.
Niagara Support Group Leader Pam with her three children, Nolan, Brooklyn and Ethan.

Niagara Food Allergy Parents Support Group

Join the Niagara support group for their virtual food allergy parents meet-up! Bring your own chair, coffee and sit outside at a safe distance with other food allergy parents. Bring your questions, challenges and some great back-to-school tips to share with other families. Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

  • Date: Saturday, August 28th at 10am
  • Location: Charles Daley Park in Jordan, Ontario
  • RSVP: On the Facebook Group or text Pam 905-931-4830
  • For more information, visit Niagara Food Allergy Parents Support Group Facebook page.

To connect with one of our other support groups, visit our support group page. If there isn’t one in your community, we’ll help you get one started.

COVID-19 vaccines encore presentation series

In this series, we feature past online events and webinars. This month watch our COVID-19 vaccines series and get educated on the COVID-19 vaccines and the impacts to those with food allergy. Hear from a panel of experts and get credible and informative answers to your questions, while learning more about the vaccine options, adverse reactions, mixing doses, and more.

Watch the videos below and please share with others, so they can also benefit from the important information provided by the experts.

COVID-19 vaccines and food allergy: Get the facts

Learn how vaccines work, what the process is for ensuring the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, what the likelihood is of having an adverse reaction to the vaccines and what the severity of the reactions may be. Plus, find out what allergists recommend on the suitability of the vaccines for those with food allergy, and more.

COVID-19 vaccines and food allergy: Is any approved vaccine the best vaccine?

Find out about the approved COVID-19 vaccines, how to navigate the different options and what to consider when you have food allergy. Learn what vaccines are approved and recommended in Canada, what the likelihood is of having an adverse reaction, what the current perspective is on the duration between the 1st and 2nd dose and mixing vaccines, and more.

COVID-19 vaccines and food allergy: What to know about vaccines for children and teens

Get your questions answered on the COVID-19 vaccines for children and teens. Find out about the approved vaccine options and recommended ages, and what to consider if a child/teen has a food allergy.

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