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Webinars for healthcare professionals and patients

Watch our recorded webinars where various topics are covered by allergists and other experts, including the science of food allergy, early introduction of peanut to babies, and more!

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For healthcare professionals and patients who want to learn more about food allergy and anaphylaxis, recorded webinars are available for playback anytime.

Find our educational webinars for healthcare professionals and patients on our recorded webinars page. Plus, register for upcoming webinars on our events page.

  • Tell your patients about our ongoing webinar series on the foundation of food allergy. These webinars review the basics of food allergy and anaphylaxis, ways to reduce risks of a reaction, symptom recognition, and emergency management.
  • Past participants have rated these sessions very highly and noted how it helps them feel more confident in managing food allergy on a daily basis.
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