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Where your money goes

We ensure that a maximum amount of money goes to our programming and advocacy to benefit millions of Canadians with food allergy.

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Our commitment to making a real impact

Food Allergy Canada is committed to educating, supporting, and advocating for the more than 3 million Canadians impacted by food allergy. We focus on improving daily quality of life by providing education and support needed to effectively navigate this medical condition, building informed and supportive communities, and acting as the national voice on key patient issues.

Our 2023 Impact Report

In our latest Impact report, hear from our Executive Director and Board Chair, discover our key highlights in our programming and advocacy, read stories from the community, find out about the impact being made by others, learn about the progress with our long-term advocacy initiatives, and more! The theme of the 2023 report is on building confidence in treating anaphylaxis.

Plus, learn about where your money goes and how your support is driving impact.

Dollars driving impact: Our 2023 finances

Finances based on 2023 revenue and expenses.

Programs Expenditure Ratio

Food Allergy Canada is committed to keeping administrative costs low and educational and support programming along with key stakeholder engagement high, enabling us to advocate effectively.

The costs of fundraising and operations are at an average of 17 cents of each dollar raised, with the remaining 83 cents of every dollar going towards programming and awareness/engagement initiatives benefitting over 3 million Canadians affected by food allergy and their families.


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Support Food Allergy Canada today and become a #FoodAllergyChampion. We are reliant on your generous contributions to be able to sustain our free educational programming, advocate for transformational change, and provide life-changing support. 

Help #MakeFoodAllergyCount.