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Sussex, New Brunswick Unveils New Stock Epinephrine Program

September 8, 2015

An allergy patient bracelet on top of a hospital questionnaire paperwork

The town of Sussex, New Brunswick is providing epinephrine auto-injectors for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis in 24 locations, including schools, restaurants, recreation centres and the Fire Department. Much like AED stations, the auto-injectors are housed in visibly-located wall-mounted cabinets.

Rothesay, a local High School, is one of the schools participating, in honour of student Caroline Lorette, who died from a severe allergic reaction last July.

Food Allergy Canada provided training materials and information and Sanofi Canada provided an 18-month supply of auto-injectors. There is a plan in place to re-stock after 18 months. The project, which is funded by the Sussex and Area Community Foundation, was spearheaded by Kelly Dunfield, a local nurse practitioner and Dr. Andrea Canty, an allergist.

We are very proud of the hard work of Ms. Dunfield, Dr. Canty and the community of Sussex, as well as our role in this initiative. Read more about this story in Allergic Living Magazine: and more about other cities’ stock epinephrine initiatives.