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Latest news from Food Allergy Canada – December 2023

December 1, 2023

Discover our 2023 holiday campaign, plus find out how you can be an integral part of creating a better #FoodAllergyFuture. Register for our final webinar of the year and learn about immunotherapy and where it’s headed. Plus, find tips and resources for celebrating this holiday season and join us in taking a moment to thank our funders this year, the supporters of our food safety agenda, and our GivingTuesday supporters. 

You are Canada’s #FoodAllergyFuture 

Our members have been instrumental in helping us advocate for big impacts in the food allergy community and beyond! From meaningful, clearer labels, policies in schools for safe spaces for all, to developing school programs to help educate the next generation.  

Now, as we look to the new year, we need your help  to continue making transformational change. Donate now  and support these initiatives and more in 2024 and beyond! 

Leaving no one behind

Providing access to evidence-based information and support at diagnosis and during critical life transitions.

It could help save a life

Taking the fear out of anaphylaxis and empowering Canadians.

Normalizing food allergy and ensuring inclusivity

Educating the next generation to help build informed and supportive communities.

Everyone has a right to know what is in their food

Ensuring easy-to-access ingredient information so you can make safe and informed choices.

Be a part of Canada’s food allergy future and donate now. Donate $20 or more and get your year-end tax receipt right away! 

December 12th webinar: Immunotherapy and desensitization 

Register for our final webinar of the year, “Immunotherapy and desensitization: Understanding the dose I react to and how does immunotherapy change that?” with Dr. Philippe Bégin. 

Get an understanding of the various forms of food allergen immunotherapy, including orally, placement under the tongue, and a patch applied to the skin. What does immunotherapy accomplish, who is the right patient for it, and where is it headed for the future?  

You’ll also learn about the basics of thresholds, their application in therapies and in clinical practice, and what it might mean for managing your food allergy.  

Celebrate with confidence  

For many of us, the holiday season is right around the corner. As you prepare for meals, parties, and get-togethers, take a look at our resources below to help you celebrate with confidence.

In our food allergy and the holidays section, you’ll find a variety of tips and resources to help you navigate this year’s festivities, including: 

Plus, in this season of giving, find:

You will also be able to access our newest videos that explain what happens to your body if you have food allergy and why epinephrine is first-line treatment for anaphylaxis! Watch and share our new videos!

Discover more tips for navigating the holidays confidently with food allergy in our holiday section.

#FoodAllergyChampions: Thank you to our funders and supporters!

With the generous contributions of our funders, we are able to advocate on key issues that are important to the food allergy community, improve quality of life, develop priority educational initiatives, and create awareness activities to help lower the public’s knowledge gaps around food allergy.  

Join us in thanking these individuals and organizations for helping to #MakeFoodAllergyCount. 




Thank you to the 182  individuals and families who supported Food Allergy Canada so far this year. 



We also want to thank our industry partners for their support of our food safety agenda and their commitment to helping improve food allergen management practices in Canada. Together we are working to help support Canadians with food allergy and ensure they can make informed and safe food choices.  

GivingTuesday thanks 

This past Tuesday, November 28th was GivingTuesday, whether you donated, spread the word, or took time to learn more, you are an integral part of Canada’s #FoodAllergyFuture. Thank you for being a food allergy champion! 

People show thank you and love message via hand gesturing and text sign in flat design.

You and other members of our food allergy community have been instrumental in helping us advocate to make big impacts. While much progress has been made, we need your help to continue making transformational change for next year and the years to come.  

If you did not have a chance to donate during GivingTuesday, please take a moment to do so now. Be sure to donate before the end of the year to get your tax receipt. 

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