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Latest news from Food Allergy Canada – August 2022

August 12, 2022

Be prepared and confident for fall with our 2022 back-to-school campaign. Create awareness for all food allergies by sharing our new #MoreThanPeanuts social media campaign with family and friends. Take our short survey to help us understand your experience managing different food allergies. Register for our upcoming webinars – ask our youth panel your questions on managing food allergy in different environments, and learn from Dr. Edmond Chan about the role of oral food challenges in managing your food allergy.

Back-to-school 2022: Be prepared, be confident

Be Prepared Be Confident Graphic Back to School 2022

To help you and your kids be prepared and confident for the new school year, check out our 2022 back-to-school campaign, including tips and resources on navigating food allergy with confidence, #FoodAllergyHacks, and more!

Plus, help create public awareness for all food allergies with our recently launched social media campaign called #MoreThanPeanuts. Scroll below to learn more and find out how you can also drive awareness with our campaign.

Be prepared – tips and reminders

Be prepared

As the fall brings new routines and the feeling of a new year, ensure you are prepared. Have you made your annual allergist appointment? Do you need to get your epinephrine auto-injectors renewed? Check out our tips and reminders and get prepared today.

Back-to-school #FoodAllergyHacks

Back-to-school hacks

Check out our fun hacks for back-to-school with food allergy. Share our #FoodAllergyHacks on social media to spread food allergy awareness and education.

Tools and resources

Plan ahead and be prepared for fall. Watch our educational videos, take a free AllergyAware.ca course, download our back-to-school checklist, tip sheets, and more.


A big thank you to the sponsors of our back-to-school campaign. With their support, we can educate and create awareness around the seriousness of food allergy. Be sure to check out their special offers for our community, including coupons and discount codes!

Leading sponsors

Peanut Bureau of Canada

Share our #MoreThanPeanuts social posts

More than peanuts social media campaign

Help create public awareness this fall with our recently launched social media campaign called #MoreThanPeanuts.

Research shows that 84% of all anaphylactic reactions in children were food-induced. Such reactions can occur because people are unaware of other priority food allergens beyond peanut, and the same precautions may not be taken.

Our #MoreThanPeanuts campaign focuses on supporting all food allergies, bringing attention to the seriousness of allergies, and highlighting the importance of knowing what’s in the food you eat and/or share with others.

Learn more about the campaign and share the social posts. Help us create conversations across the country!

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Share on FacebookTwitter

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Survey: Public perception of food allergens

Food allergy is a serious medical condition, regardless of what food you are allergic to. We are interested in your view on the general public’s understanding of food allergens relative to peanut. Through your experiences, we can gain better insight into how all allergens are understood.

Please complete our quick survey before August 26th.

Thank you in advance for your support and sharing your thoughts.

Register now for webinars starting next week!

Check out the informative and timely sessions below and register now. Please be sure to share with others who may benefit from learning more about these topics.

Portrait of happy high school girl studying in class

August 19th at 12pm EDT: Webinar for parents: Ask your questions live!

Ask our youth panel your top questions on managing food allergy. They’ll share their experiences in and out of school and transitioning into new and different environments. The topics covered will be driven by the questions asked. This session is meant for parents, but youth are also welcome to attend.

Dr. Edmond Chan
Dr. Edmond Chan

August 24th at 12pm EDT: Oral food challenges: What they are and how you can gain insight into your food allergy

Learn more about the importance of oral food challenges (OFCs) with Dr. Edmond Chan. The focus of this session will be on learning about your food allergy, digging deeper into the role of OFCs and what they can tell you. With this session, you’ll learn who is the best candidate for an OFC, what they involve, what to ask your allergist when considering one, and more. Don’t miss out on this session!

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