Food allergy and the holidays

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2021 marks our 20th anniversary and we are excited to celebrate this milestone by reflecting on our incredible achievements throughout the last two decades. You and other members of our food allergy community have been instrumental in helping us advocate to make big impacts like making food labels clearer, creating policies in schools to make safer spaces for all our kids, and ensuring we now have 3 auto-injector suppliers in Canada.

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Education and supportAccess to evidence-based information and support at diagnosis and during critical life transitions

No one should be left behind.

Access to epinephrine and treating anaphylaxisAccess to epinephrine and knowing when and how to treat anaphylaxis

Taking the fear out of anaphylaxis and empowering Canadians.

Access to accurate ingredient informationAccess to accurate ingredient information

Everyone has a right to know what’s in their food.

Food allergy and the holidays

With the ongoing pandemic, the holidays will continue to look different this year. Regardless of how you may be celebrating, we’re here to support you and your family! In this section, you have access to a variety of tips and resources, so you can navigate this holiday safely and with confidence.

Celebrating during COVID-19

Get tips for managing the holidays and food allergy during the pandemic.

Plus, watch our COVID-19 vaccines and food allergy webinars for answers to your questions – including the latest one on vaccines for kids!

Holiday resources and downloads

Get tips to help prevent reactions and stay safe during your celebrations.

Download our tip sheet for party hosts, allergy-friendly recipes, craft activities, and social icons. Watch fun videos on how to avoid cross-contamination, and more!

Holiday fundraising and giving

Discover our different event ideas and help to make a better #FoodAllergyFuture this holiday season!

Plus, learn how your donations help us make an impact.

Stay informed

Get essential allergy-related news, like food recalls, research information, events, and other allergy-related news that impact you and your family.

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