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Back-to-school 2023

August 2, 2023

September is almost here, and we want to help you and your kids be prepared and confident for the fall and back-to-school season!

Starting today, until the end of September, you can participate in our 2023 back-to-school campaign featuring new webinars, resources on navigating food allergy with confidence, #FoodAllergyHacks, and more!

Plus, with our #MoreThanPeanuts social campaign, you can increase public awareness of all food allergies. Help us amplify this important message and help to create conversations across the country!

Scroll down to learn more and visit foodallergycanada.ca/backtoschool.

Participate in our webinars

Making allergy management a habit: Tools to help manage more confidently

Tuesday, August 15 @ 12-1pm EDT
Make life easier, get the tools you need to build new habits for managing food allergy in this session with Sarah Nicoll, a learning strategist.

You’ll find out how behavioural science can help you form good food allergy management habits and build them into your daily life.

Milk allergy: How to manage it and what to consider from a dietary perspective

Tuesday, September 19 @ 12-1pm EDT
In this session with Dr. Carina Venter and Marion Groetch, you’ll learn about navigating milk allergy and how to address nutritional and other challenges posed by this priority food allergen.

You’ll also gain a better understanding of managing milk allergy, preventing allergic reactions through the avoidance of milk and milk proteins, and the impact on the diet.

Treating anaphylaxis and what you need to know about Benadryl®

Thursday, September 28 @ 12-1pm EDT
Hear Dr. Anne Ellis talk about the importance of using epinephrine to treat anaphylaxis, when antihistamines might be given, and what the safety concerns are with first generation antihistamines, like Benadryl®.

It may cause you to rethink what you have in your medicine cabinet or first-aid kit.

It’s #MoreThanPeanuts: Create awareness of all food allergies with our social media campaign

The fall brings new routines and a feeling of a new year. We want to create public awareness during this time of newness with our #MoreThanPeanuts social campaign

Research shows that 84% of all anaphylactic reactions in children were food-induced. Research also notes anaphylactic reactions occur because people are unaware of other priority food allergens beyond peanut, and the same precautions may not be taken.

Our campaign focuses on supporting all food allergies, bringing attention to the seriousness of allergies, and highlighting the importance of knowing what’s in the food you eat and/or share with others.

Share this important message with your friends, family, and others and drive awareness.

Share our back-to-school hacks

Check out our fun food allergy hacks for the fall and back-to-school, like this one!

Share our #FoodAllergyHacks on social media to spread food allergy awareness and education.

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Get prepared with our resources

Check out our tools and resources to help you and your kids build confidence in navigating food allergy throughout the school year.


Thank you to the sponsors of our back-to-school campaign. Be sure to check out their special offers, including discount codes, just for you!

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