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Ask the dietitian: Addressing anxiety and fear during oral immunotherapy (OIT)

October 9, 2020

Mun Cho RD
Mun Cho, RD

In this series, we ask dietitians across Canada to answer your questions on nutrition and dietary support. We recently spoke with Mun Cho, a registered dietitian and food allergy mom of two based in Ontario.

This month, Mun answers a question on reducing anxiety and fear during OIT.

How can a dietitian help address the anxiety and fear of deliberately eating one’s food allergen during OIT?

With OIT, small amounts of a food allergen are given in gradually increasing doses until a patient is able to eat a certain amount of it without having a reaction, so long as they are on this treatment. This therapy is a huge paradigm shift for families, and parents can find it distressing to purposely expose their child to the food they’ve been strictly avoiding.

A dietitian can lend support by increasing a family’s confidence in implementing the plans set by their allergist. They can:

  • Discuss the best time of the day to dose given the family’s schedule
  • Talk about steps to minimize dosing errors
  • Suggest ways to address “dosing fatigue” (i.e. child gets tired of taking their OIT dose).

For younger children, it may be helpful to refer to their food allergen dosing as a “medication”. By doing so, families can reinforce that they still have to avoid the allergen and take the medication based on their allergist’s advice. For older children with more awareness, explain the benefits of undergoing OIT, and that there’s a plan to follow in case a reaction takes place. Families need to remember that OIT is more of a calculated risk that they are taking in comparison to an accidental exposure, which can happen when parents may not be present.

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