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Get involved – December 2020

December 4, 2020

Register your child for Allergy Pals/Allies to help them connect with other kids with food allergy. Get educated with our “encore presentation series” with this month’s focus on celebrating safely. Attend an upcoming small group webinar on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. Plus, learn about our support groups and connect with one virtually.

Allergy Pals/Allies online peer mentorship program – winter registration now open!

Allergy Pals and Allies registration now open

The free 8-week online winter session begins January 23, 2021. By participating in the program, kids will:

  • Build a support network by connecting with other children who have food allergy
  • Learn strategies for managing their food allergy
  • Feel more confident managing their food allergy

Get an overview of the program by watching the video below. You’ll learn about how the program works, the program expectations, and the time commitment.

Celebrating safely encore presentation series

In this series, we feature past online events and webinars. This month watch our celebrating safely series to help you navigate this holiday safely and with confidence. Get educated with the videos below and please share with others who may benefit. Happy Holidays!

For young kids

Topic: Reading ingredient lists

Learn about reading ingredient labels, doing the triple check,  priority food allergens, and the meaning of “may contain” statements. This interactive session involves a trained peer mentor discussing key educational points, while leading the participants in games and activities.

Topic: Holidays with food allergy

Learn how to stay safe with food allergy during the holidays. This interactive session involves a trained peer mentor discussing key educational points, while leading the participants in games and activities.

For anyone interested in food allergy

Food allergy Do’s and Don’ts

Get educated with these fun “do’s and don’ts” videos. These videos are less than a minute and share things to keep in mind while you celebrate the holidays.

Celebrate safely
If you’re planning a celebration in your social bubble, offer non-food treats that will be safe for all.

Make sure your environment is safe for your loved ones with food allergy. Watch this video for a quick look at the do’s and don’ts around removing allergens from your hands.

Double dipping
Be allergy aware. Don’t use the same utensils when making foods that may contain an allergen.

No picking
Remember it’s important NOT to remove an allergen (a food that someone is allergic to) from food and serve it to someone with that food allergy.

Small group webinar: Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis – next session is tomorrow, Dec 5!

Do you have questions on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis? Attend one of our free 90-minute interactive webinars led by a trained parent mentor. You’ll learn fundamental information about daily management and living confidently with food allergy and anaphylaxis. Plus, you’ll connect with others who can relate!

Small Group webinar series

These sessions are geared towards parents of children who have been recently diagnosed with a food allergy. It’s also a great session for others who are interested in this topic, or would like a refresher.

Following the session, you’ll be able to answer:

  • What are food allergy and anaphylaxis
  • How to avoid a reaction
  • What are the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • What to do in an emergency

We have extended the number of participants that can attend these sessions. Be sure to register now, as spaces fill up quickly. Our next sessions are Saturday, December 5th (tomorrow!) and Tuesday, December 8th.

If you have already attended one of these webinars, please help us spread the word so others can also benefit. Please share!

Discover our support groups across Canada and connect with one virtually!

Laptop screen over woman shoulder view, videocall conversation.

Looking for others who can relate to living with food allergy? Our support groups provide a warm and caring environment for you to get help in dealing with the day-to-day stress of being at risk of anaphylaxis or having a child who is at risk. Plus, it’s a great way to keep updated on any new developments in the food allergy community.

Support group leader feature of the month

Robyn Buchan and her son
Robyn and her son

This month we are featuring Robyn Buchan, leader of the Dresden Area Allergy Support Group, who has a son with multiple food allergies. Learn about her story and connect online!

Visit our support group page to connect with one of our support groups and learn about their leaders. Most of our support groups have online presence through social media. Find one near you and connect online! If there isn’t one in your community, we’ll help you get one started.

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